Mark J Appleton, Psychological Therapist MSc, RMN, Dip mental health and PGD Cognitive Therapy (Oxon), EMDR (Consultant in training) BABCP and EMDR Europe Accredited.

Mark Appleton is a psychotherapist with fifteen years’ experience as a psychological therapist and nearly thirty years’ experience in acute mental health within the NHS.

Mark has held a small private clinic for approaching ten years and accepts referrals for all aspects of common mental health difficulties including depression, all aspects of anxiety including OCD and worry and trauma related difficulties resulting from accidents, such as PTSD (including chronic PTSD re-triggered by recent events) and travel anxiety.

Mark also treats patients experiencing pain as a result of trauma and chronic pains with EMDR.

Pyschotherapy - Pyschotherapist

To make a Pyschotherapy appointment with Mark call 07801 433920 or email